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Friday, April 9, 2010

Forgotten Blogs

Now how is it possible to forget such wonderful blog! I have the day off today and instead of going back to bed after George left for work this morning (4.30am), I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down infront of the computer. Did a quick check on the regular stuff, then clicked on favorites, scrolled down and rediscovered all these lovely blogs waiting to be read. I choose a few I would love to share with you, so hop on over and take a look.

Sunflowers in the veggie patch, it does brighten it up a bit.

But first I would love you to click on What flower are you at the top of my blog, and take the quiz too. I do love sunflowers so yeh I am a sunflower. Just check out all my clutter! Now do you believe me......

Bact to the blogs I love you to check out

Sure you will enjoy reading them, it's been lovely catching up on them.
until nexttime


  1. I did the quiz and am a snapdragon
    and as a kid I loved playing with them and making teir mouth open and close :0)
    There a couple of blogs there that i don't visit regularly but will head for a look

  2. I am a snapdragon, too. Thanks for the blog list. I will be sure to check them out.

  3. Seems I'm an Echinacea.. whatever that is! Something to do with being a 'Health conscience' person. Lovely I'm sure. Hope they smell nice!

  4. Hi Rina, I seem to be a snapdragon too! That was fun. I will enjoy checking out these blogs. I always love to check in with you. Your lamb roast and vegies looked very yummy I love your new look too. Happy Weekend!

  5. Rina, I LOVE your blog, I just found it through another blog I was looking at! We had a lamb roast for Easter and boy was it good!!!

    I joined your blog and put you under my favorites because i see that we have alot in common. I also have a blog and I would love for you to come by and check it out. I am doing a giveaway and i would love to add you to my list!I am doing my giveaway on my Birthday April 15th, if you stop by I posted a different post so just go down one post and you will see the giveaway and just leave me a commment!!
    I love to find NEW blogs and ones that I know that I am going to enjoy!!

    Hillcrest Home Prims(just google it)