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Monday, April 26, 2010

We Back from the farm

Well we back, a day early to beat the holiday traffic cause every man and his dog normally decide to take off to the country or holiday destination as soon as a long weekend is mentioned. Yesterday we woke to a very overcast day and even before 11am it started to drizzling lightly. We did not attend the local Anzac Memorial Service, but from our veranda we heard the Bugle player and The Australian Anthem. Remembering our Troops that died so long ago. Wreaths layed at the foot of the memorial Stone at the foot of the lone pine tree.

By then we had started packing up and locking the shipping containers, making sure all tools are put away until the next time. 3 months of grass and weeds where a nightmare to deal with, first cutting it down and then raking it up and carting it to the grasscutting compost area ....then running the mower over the grass again to tidy it up. Do you know why farmer's friends (blackjacks) are called that, cause they stick to you like nobody's bussiness. More work than play but we did manage to take a few hours off on route to picking up some roof trusses at our friend Scott's home in South West Rocks ... Smoky Cape Lighthouse and Historic Trail Bay Gaol ... again I took so many good pics to show you, needing 2 posts to do it.

This pic was taken about 2am, on one of my midnight strolls, just wished I could have got closer but it flew after the flash went off. It's a Tawny frog mouth.

But first we had a few night visitors I would like to show you, unfortunately Daisy was very spooked by them, normally she would sleep under the caravan but this time she slept on a carpet next to the BBQ on the veranda.I left lights on to detor the wildlife ...

99% sure this is a female possum cause of the poach on the tummy or maybe not?

This smaller possum dating up the tree caused the most trouble, scaring poor Daisy when it jumped on a crate that was not balansing properly, crate falling on Daisy. Who took off into the dark around the caravan. Possum peeking down from the top of the caravan. That sure woke us up!

Lavender Cottage has been started finally ... George's steelframe which was going to be a shed thingy(on the pic with the owl) has now turned into a small cottage. the steel frame has been removed and the walls of the cottage will be made of timber. The steel frames for the floor have remained which is great cause termites don't like steel, they have been painted with rust protecting paint ... the painter woman's job ... and by the time we left yesterday we had 1 1/2 walls up. This project will need to be done over the next few weeks and our next trip is already planned. Lucky we have a lot of the materials already on site just waiting .....

Please come back tomorrow for Smokey Cape Lighthouse
Until nexttime


  1. Sounds like a lot of work was accomplished. I am sorry but I love the opossums you have over in Australia...they are so cute with their fuzzy tails and big eyes. Nothing like our American Opossums..which really look more like a rat on steroids with their big snouts and hairless, scaly tails. LOL. Here are some pictures if you have never seen one.

  2. Great possum shot. Looking forward to seeing your farm pics.

  3. Great opossum pictures. I'm afraid with my two dogs I could never get any pictures of nocturnal animals around here. :) The dogs think it is their job to clear the area every time I set foot outside. Thank you for coming by my blog. Welcome!

    Lois in Cincinnati, USA

  4. Great pictures. It sounds like you got a lot done.

  5. WOW! What an adventure you've had!!!! LOVE the little frog - is he cute or what?!?! And the fog....that would make me a little jumpy too!

    Jennifer is so right about American opossums vs your opossoms - your's are much cuter.

    Have a great week! I'll be back to see the other photos for sure!

    Romeo and "her"

  6. Great pictures. I know you had a good time.

  7. I thought the possum was kind of cute too - you sure have done a lot of work - is this your retirement home?

  8. Thanks for the nice comments Ladies

    Sandie, we do intent retiring there but Rose Cottage is just going to be a little guest cottage. I plan on putting a stetch of the floorplan up soon. There is going to be another 2 bedroom cottage where we plan to live in. Sandie I am so sorry about your friend Sue's passing, I know you will miss her. Hugs to you.