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Friday, April 2, 2010

Villiage of Carcoar, New South Wales

The village of Carcoar. Have you ever driven right past a little village and thought what could be there to see. We make a point of stopping off at those quaint little spots.

Imagine this wisteria in full flower, what a sight that must be.

Stoke Stables built by Convicts in 1849

And inside displays of old wares.

And this is where we had lunch ... on the veranda at the rear of the house. Spotting this little treasure on the veranda wall.

A kettle of succulants, isn't it pretty.

Marigolds from their garden, can you spot the butterfly?
This was the first part of our lovely day out, tomorrow I will post the pics of the Japanese garden in Cowra.
See ya


  1. Have you ever been to the United States? At least where I live - we don't have any thing like that. Thanks for sharing your life there.


  2. Hi Rina, What a sweet town this is. It reminds me of some of the towns I saw in Western Montana. Where I live in Massachusetts we also have small towns that you can miss if you don't stop. Little treasures buried on side streets. Nice little restaurants. Antiques. Enjoy your travels and I'll ride along!

  3. Love looking around little towns and all the quirky little corners, looking forward to seeing The Japanese garden at Cowra. I have been to Cowra but was only a quick stop for breakfast a McDonalds wish we could have seen the gardens.