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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Japanese Garden at Cowra

Come on Everyone, it's along way around, so lets go ...

The festival of the Dolls ... esp for us girls. Pina explained what each row represented. Top being the 2 heads of the family
2nd the girls in the family 3rd the musican 4th Guards 5th (forgot workers?) the 2 bottom rows were replicas of the furniture
The Boys have their own festival huge kites of Koi fish all different sizes attached to a pole, smallest at the bottom.

See the hill at the back of this photo, well we heading up there soon.


That us munching on a promogranet under a wisteria pergola. I so want one of those. Soon it will a canopy of purple flowers.

My friend Pina and one of her daughters.

Persimmons, have you ever tried one of these?

Persimmon tree takes 8 years before it fruits, so I need to get a few real soon.

Well I hope you enjoyed your walk around the Gardens with us. I had a heap more pics to show you. Last August we had a quick visit in the winter season, so may be you would want to have a quick look there too ... the magnolias and bulbs were just coming into season then.

There is one more part to this trip ... that I will post tomorrow.

Thanks for coming with us



  1. What a lovely place.

  2. Rina, So pretty! Thanks for taking me around. You saved my knees! I'm living vicariously through my blogging friends' traveling. I love it! Happy Easter to you...Sherry

  3. Very nice, thanks for the tour. I live persimmons yumm!

  4. The gardens certainly do look nice.