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Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Roast Lamb dinner tonight and the freezer.

I need to go shoping, cant find anything decent to cook in the freezer except another roast.

What I should be doing is going through the freezer drawers and sorting it out properly. We had a small lamb roast with the trimmings lastnight for dinner, no dessert, I lie we had a slice of Banana bread with coffee. I love baking B/Bread with overripe bananas. Right now the house is smelling of lamb roasting with garlic and fresh rosemary from my garden and ground peppercorns. I cleaned 3 whole onions, 2 large potatoes, carrots and roasted wedges of Jap pumpkin with a little cinnamon sugar .... anyone hungry yet?

While Mom and Dad were working Miss Daisy had a little shut eye on the solar panels, they better not take them to the farm yet, cause it my favorite place to catch a nap.

Nelson's not to sure what this thing is yet! but atleast Mom & Dad cleaned up the yard. Poor boy, can't even go show off my nice buns to the girls next door, and I was having such fun before I got dragged back here.

Today was real productive, we nearly completed another sheep shed, only got to find somemore scrap wood to enclose one more side (back), put up some beams to support the roofing, and screw down the roof. Hang the gates. Getting ready for the lambs again. The old bath I would like to move next to the shed to catch the water runoff. Saving carting water from the nearest tap.
Well that's it for today
See ya
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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. You have two great ones. Very interesting.

  2. Hi Rina, Miss Daisy is so cute there, taking her nap! There always seems to be something to do when there are animals involved. I would love to have a bath set up here, so I can stop bucketing water from the house.

  3. Beautiful pics! I have the same blue plate set as in the 1st picture...they are lightweight and very durable.

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