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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pics from the veggie patch

Going to be a good crop! I bought a punnet with 6 eggplants seedlings and planted them in a group, drove a few supports into the ground to prevent them from falling over. There heaps of purple flowers still opening. and 9 little fruits growing so far.

These purple king beans are going real well too, they planted in one of the 1/2 45 gallon drums. I planted another drum today.

I think this is suppose to be a butternut, only it's spreading a little?
Rosella growing in a tub with strawberries, it grows into a smallish bush then get beautiful flowers, they die off and then those red fruits below appear. Used to make jams and cordial.

I will just save the seeds this year cause our Miss Daisy eat most of the plant before I spotted her, there were just stalks left. It is recovering. The new fencing should keep her out of the veggie patch.

Daisy having a rest in the shade, Ginger scratching looking for something to eat.

Up close and personal. The vet re done her horns this week, looking good.
I worked in the patch today, filling up 1/2 45 gallen drums for raised beds with a mix of garden soil and mushroom compost from the landscaping place, adding a little cow manure to it as well. That should be fine for now. Nexttime add sheep compost to it. Planted silverbeet, chinese cabbage, sprouted potatoes, chives in a old cooking pot.
Dinner was a small leg of lamb, roast potatoes, rice and steamed veggies.
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  1. She doesn't look any worse for the wear after her horn incident. Garden is looking good. Joe started a new veggie area this weekend, I'll be putting the progress so far on the blog later, this area will have a glasshouse on it so we can get tomatoes earlier. Ours are only just redding up now! Blimmin' things.

  2. Your garden looks wonderful!!

  3. I am going to grow rosellas in spring to make jam and syrup with, will they survive thru winter? Your eggplants look good and the pumpkin I am not sure it is a butternut :0)

  4. It is so strange to think you live so far away and that life is so different for you and yet here we are thousands of miles away - talking.

  5. If it wasn't for the internet we would never have meet the nicest people, many who become friends despite living many miles away.Here's to all my lovely friends.

  6. Trying to post a comment here but it's not working yet

  7. I'll wait and see if the other attempts went thru yet!!! LOL!! I know the second one did but you can just delete these....sorry!

  8. Hi Rina, I went through your blog today and I must say that I enjoyed it very much. I love your garden and animals and the janpanese garden are a favourite of mine. Well done and keep it up!