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Monday, March 8, 2010

Frogs serenading under the lamp post! They were given to me by two little girls that came visiting in the veggiepatch ... we planted strawberries and a few seedling. It was the baby chicks that stole the show. a punnet of iceberg lettuce waiting to be planted.

These plants are still full of baby lebanese zuchinnis , not sure what variety they are cause they grow huge. a tube of mini bananas that need seperating. Kumera sweet potatoes getting a little out of hand. A butternut vine with a heap of flowers and tiny baby butternuts growing. It's a mess but a lovely productive mess.

These turnips growing for greens for the animals and the occasional pot of soup. Banana chillies to the right, great for roasting. A lemonade tree in a pot for shade. Beetroot seedling coming up at the back. A punnet of eggplant grown into a large bush with heaps of purple flowers.

Meet Harry, looks fearsome but very nice rooster.

Daisy hiding from a few raindrops in the east wing. The dogkennel which is now a nesting box from the council clean up. Note 50% shade cloth covering the whole chookhouse giving shade in a very open spot. Temp. underneath is a lot cooler.
The veggie patch was getting a little cramped and with a mate giving us a heap of nice fencing, we decided to replace the old wire fence. DH had to dig a few new posts and we enlarge the patch a little, screwed the new fence panels on and put the shade cloth back up. It's there as a windbreak creating a nice micro climate inside the veggie patch. Next weekend we will add another large raised bed and truck in some ground and more mushroom compost. Daisy spend the day in her enclosure wondering what she did wrong.
Hope you enjoyed my little tour of the new improved patch.
Until nextime


  1. I think all gardens when productive like that (vines running everywhere).
    They all looks so healthy

  2. Great pictures. Your garden looks wonderful.

  3. I forget sometimes where you are and I think wow - where is that beautiful color of green at.

    We are going into that season and you are going out of it.

    Does it snow in Austrialia?

    Great full hearty garden.


  4. Garden is looking good Rina. I grew the Lebanese zucchinis last season and got very good results. I like then because they can be left to grown large and then eaten like marrow. Just starting on the allotment but it's so cold here I haven't sown anything yet. Daisy looks cosy.


  5. Just stopping by to say thank you for visiting/following my blog! I am the newest follower of yours as well. Your garden looks wonderful! We are just starting to see some green grass and other signs that winter is almost over here and I can't wait for some nice warm gardening weather! I like your space for your goats! She looks pretty comfortable there.

  6. Rina, I love seeing the goings-on at your place. Your garden is lovely, and the animals a joy! I'm seeing more signs of Spring up here and dreaming of my garden! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Sherry