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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We've begun to long for the pitter-patter of little feet - so we bought a dog. Well, it's cheaper, and you get more feet.
Rita Rudner

That's so cute don't you think.

. Some of you might be wondering how Chief the 10 yr old golden retriever is getting on, remember we found him on the community board. Yes he has finally settled in with the other dogs, still growls a little when the other dogs get to close at dinner time or when he's got a bone, which is normal. And he does not wander the streets of Mulgoa anymore. Chief is frightened of thunder so that could be one of his problems running away. And the fence was replaced with a more permanent one. In the beginning we were very concerned about him biting Tammy who had only just seettled in herself. She replaced her Mom Lacy Pants, that was her show name, her eyesight was failing and died of cancer last year.

Lacy Pants ... grandma to a lot of springer spaniels, winner of many titles including the Sydney Easter Show. She's now in Doggie Heaven.

One of the first photos taken of Tammy

Tammy (6)is the split image of her mother, both very gentle souls. Poor Tammy was badly mauled at a dog show by a stray and lost her nerve around other dogs, so was retired early and came to live with us. It took a lot of coaxing and love for her to trust us. At first Knight thought it was Lacy when we introducted them, going straight to clean her ear which he did daily.

Our other male dog Knight (6)was always top dog, grandson to Lacy, he is also the youngest dog, soon found himself growled off his throne, now has to settle for second spot. He's a lover not a fighter, prefers a play rather.
Now here is one very special dog, looks a bit like a walrus with his curly coat and top but it suits his personality. He was Lacy's helper, esp when she had just woken up from a doggie nap and needed to know where everybody was. Napping a lot nearer the end. She would bark until she saw him coming to fetch her, her hero.


  1. What a wonderful home these pets have.

    Chief got a new home and you had such patience with him until he calmed down.

    Sorry for the death of Lacy pants - beautiful dog.

    Tammy is beautiful too. Sad she got mauled so bad.

    And Knight - a lover not a fighter.


    You must have a wonderful place there.

  2. Your dogs are the sweetest things. Thanks for sharing pictures of them.

  3. Your dogs have such personalities, I guess they all do, when it comes down to it. I'm a cat lover, myself, but I started pet-sitting about 5 years ago and have fallen in love with a couple of dozen dogs. They charm their way right into my heart. Have a lovely day! Sherry

  4. Sending a big Texas HOWDY to you from Sand Flat Farm! I saw that you'd joined my site and came to say welcome and nice to meet you! I've enjoyed reading about your dogs and garden and chickens. Beautiful spaniels. I appreciate what you're doing in taking these rescue dogs and giving them a great home! I'm a sucker for any dog myself and it's only my husband's tight rein on me that we don't have several. We're down to one dog right now, so I think that means that we need a couple more, don't you? ;o)

    I really like the way you built your coop. I'm going to remember that when I get ready to build mine. I can't wait til we get moved out to the farm! We're on the "living simply" track. It was interesting to read about the way they regulate beef in Australia, too. I worry about all this stuff we're eating. I garden, but I think I wanna raise my own meat, too.

    Come say hi sometime! Vickie