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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stay put or move again?

That's the question!! Tanya has been busting our chops over this snake issue, her room (master bedroom with it own bathroom) has a door leading on to the veranda and the carport is right next door. It's packed with shelving and boxes, her stuff (fold up chairs and reception desk, filing cabinets) from when she had the dance studio, and my antique restoration stuff. Now that a perfect spot for mice and snakes to hang out. All my building materials, solar panels, veranda railings and bullnose corrogate sheets, that needs to go to the farm still. Then the hyrobath for the dogs.

Anyway she woun't let up!!

George has got sick of it and told us to find another house with a garage on acreage. That would be like finding hens teeth atm. So I think we will have to buy another container and have it delivered here instead. A lot less work than packing up. Our landlord is happy with that and will get his backhoe out this weekend and level a spot and put down a little crushed builders gravel for it to sit on. His's a top bloke. (Italian and rather cute too)

It house cleaning today, catching up on all those chores I been running away from. Windows being no1. So I better be going. see ya



  1. Snakes don't bother me as much as mice......they freak me out something shocking. Have fun cleaning :0)

  2. Rina, I'd rather store things than move any day, but snakes in the house? Yech! Sounds like you have a lovely (sigh) landlord!
    Have a great week and good luck with it all.