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Friday, March 26, 2010

Tomorrow I pick a winner!

No I am not going to the races, there I'd lose my money for sure cause I know sweet nothing about horses, dogs or jumping frogs. I will draw a winner of my 100th post give away, a apron, book and a supprise is the gift. I had been sewing a little every night, and finally I am done. So tomorrow is the day.You better be quick if you want your name on that list.Trust me it the pic that is so bad, I need to get the instruction manual out and see why the pic sare coming out so badly. Can't blame the new glasses for it!

Daisy had a little run in with a sheep, busting her horn badly, so she went back to the unviversity Livestock Dept to have them seen to. They wormed her and trimmed her hooves too while she was sedated.

Has anyone been having problems with snakes? They very active this year around here. We have had 4 in 2 weeks, it really been a bad season this year. 2 baby and 1 large red belly black and a large brown, all to close for comfort.Have I told ya I don't like Snakes
See ya tomorrow


  1. It look nice Rina, is it a dress? I wil on the list.

  2. That apron looks so nice .....very pretty
    I don't like snakes either seems to be late in season for them they are usually more active in summer but them the days have been really hot.

  3. I am looking forward to seeing who the winner is!

    Snakes no - squirrels yes.


  4. Hi Rina! I just followed you here from my blog! Not so keen on the snakes either, although spiders are far worse... eeuuchh... too many legs.

  5. No snakes in NZ!! Or nasty spiders! Did ya wanna come live here? ☺