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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Answers to your questions ...

I love the questions asked on ALS about the survival game. The one that I liked most so far is.
I was interested in your survival thread. In your first post you touched lightly on the fact that you husband was a insulin dependant diabetic. (Type 2?) Have you made any plans to deal with this? Have you included anything special to help him cope? I would really like to hear as I am a diabetic too and have wondered what I could do. regards,

That is a great question cause half the population will have diabetes the rate we are consuming processed foods, junk food and "soft drinks etc"Lots of sugars and lack of exercise. I am the first to own up to lack of exercise. We do need to look out for their needs too by making sure we planned smaller balanced meals,Low GI foods. Hell I need to listen to my own advice sometimes.
My aim in this Survival Game is to list as many meals, trying to keep it as balanced as possible.
Besides keeping as much insulin as we can lay our hands on, we have to keep them cared for esp their feet and legs, as they have bad blood circulation at the best of times. A while back George landed in hospital with two foot ulcers, it has been 6 months to get him healed so far. So a good supply of dressings, bandages, footbath to soak the feet ... yeah I know it's not adviced sometimes but bear with me. Tape for the dressings, pure lanolin cream, vinegar, a scotchbrite soft pot scourer. Our specialist runs an ulcer clinic once a week,but it was through her that we got to meet the most amazing Dr Grace Warren, who still at the age of 83, get to be a guest speaker at Conferences all over the world. She gave us her book Dr 49 all about her work with lepers in Asia, India, Korea. She even got introducted to Prince Diana We left in Awe of this Lady.

It was her advice to soak his feet in vinegar water, scrub lightly with a soft pad to get rid of dead skin cells. Blisters, callouses etc are where the ulcers hid underneath the skin and they burst open into angry ugly volcanoes, (ulcers)Magnaplasma ointment on the dressings changed daily. And good old pure lanolin cream for their feet and legs.

Which American forum did you mentioned in your post? I'd be interested to have a look ... You're most welcome to have a look.

If there's more questions please email me, and I try answer the best I can.
Seasons Greeeting to every body
See ya Rina

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