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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Survival Game part 6 ...

Day 41 ...
It's still raining and looks like it's not going to give up soon. We're happy for the water the tanks are filling nicely, all the troughs have been scrubbed for algea and new water put in, the tanks connected to the little shed roof, arent very big so fills up real fast, we got to make use of it for cleaning stuff. The bath tub get filled to the brim, the caravan was needing a good scrub from standing under the trees so long,and the rain will do the rinsing for us. Alls clean and sparkling by the time this rain is over.Late afternoon there's a break in this weather.
Tomorrow is George's Birthday and New Years eve, there is still a few cake mix packets left, so we'll bake a large cake, and cover it with caramel and sprinkle some hundreds and thousands on top.
The boy's go fishing and yabbing for dinner, and the rest stay home doing craft or just keeping themselves busy cleaning. I finally picked the quince and make a little quince jelly, amazing how the colour changes when you cook it, fill 3 small jars full. They caught 4 Bass and a catfish which they released and a few yabbies. Hens layed 10 eggs today.
I made a little milo today for myself cause I got the chocolate munchies, will have to do with milo.

Day 42 ...

The sky was still a little grey this morning but cleared up about midday, and we had a humid afternoon. George had a little cake with his morning tea break, the rest got polish by the kids but not before they did the morning chores feeding and watering the chooks.
Today is also New Years Eve, this year has held a lot of surprises for us, strangely this is one of the better ones for me. You could ask why ... well I tell ya even if you don't want to know.
This scenario, living in the country, with my animals, my grandkids learning what is important in life, having my kids realise their mother is not crazy when she warned them things can not carry on like they have before. Even if there are other scenarios like this one all have the same result, No job, no place to stay prices go up or worse still no food... homelessness and hunger! My husband having to take a break from his stressful job, and retirement is not the end, but the beginning to another phase in our lives.
My retirement plan is workable!

Anyway enough of those thoughts It's nearly evening and the dishes have been washed. This year we will miss the fireworks and the masses of people down by the Harbour ... Not!!! We could even go to bed early only some bright spark would probably fire a few shoots in the air at midnight, Scaring the living crap out of the animals causing heaps to run away like usual every year.

By the time we wake in the morning it will be 2011 ...

Day 43 ...
We having so much rain it's hard to do anything around the place for all the mud. Trying protect the animals as best we can, with left over corrogate sheeting, so they can have a dry spot to sleep in. Lucky it's not cold just wet. The rain gauge shows 28mm the day before and 64mm (4inches i think)yesterday and no sign of it clearing soon. Lucky the boys still went milking last night and brought home fresh milk, lot's of milk. The river was rising steadily and was just 1/2mtr under the bridge. So this morning it surely would have covered it. I always wondered about the markings there's even a 9 mtr (27ft +)marking as if it would get there. With all this rain there's sure to be flooding down at Kempsey and low-lying areas as the river winds it way down to the sea. It's the mosquitos we going to have to watch, Ross river fever and other deseases. The bull frogs & smaller tree frogs must be loving this weather, Maggie the magpie (big black & white bird with one very pointy beak must have been handraised, cause she's rather tame) also takes cover under the veranda. She's hanging around for a feed.

We cope as best we can with a makeshift washing line on the veranda, dodging wet clothes is no fun. A big pot of soup is on the boil in the outdoor kitchen and a loaf of bread is baking in the woodstove, a packet of cake mix is ready to go in afterwards. Breakfast was a pot of oats.

The girls do a little craft working on the squares they nearly ready to start sewing another one together. The boys decide to play board games with the kids, that gets them out of our hair for a few hours. George catches up on a little lost sleep.Eliza and Neal look a little worried, but won't talk about it.

We're all a little worried how long this scenerio is going to last and what we going to do in the long run. There's no news from the outside world anymore, everones just staying where they are. Looking forward to the swap market on saturday, we are starting to running short on flour and yeast. Maybe my friend Jenny would have a spare 5 pound packet for me, she would be needing a few things herself by now. Their kids from Grafton are living with them atm.

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  1. I hope you are not near the flooding I've seen on the news. Good luck and stay safe. Happy birthday to George.

  2. Stay dry--hope the flooding recedes soon. We’ve seen so many devastating videos. Be safe!

  3. Just LOOOOOOVE your story Rina keep going can't wait for the next episode.