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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Spare hour at Botany Bay ...

Hi Everyone, Today We had to drop of Elisa, my one day to be daughter in law, what a mouthfull, she's visiting her parents in Perth a good 5hr flight away. And then the boys and myself headed off to the beach, not the best weather, but they still had fun. Then back to the airport to pick up Neal. They had plenty of time for a coffee before the flight.Thought I'd share these pics with you.

We had a lovely Christmas, did the roast chicken and pork, baked potatoes veggies and trifle, was good too. Even make a second trifle for boxing day, finished that of at lunch today.

Well that's it for today
see ya all


  1. I really hate you right now!!

    Ok, just kidding, just not impressed! We actually had a white Christmas this year! We haven't had one in eons!

  2. Nice post thanks for sharing..blessings from our home to yours...soraya

  3. That looks like a fun beach trip Nina! The kids are so cute, and who doesn't enjoy a trip to the beach....

    Hope you all had a nice Christmas

  4. What lovely photos!
    I used to call Steve's last girlfriend the "H***** wanna-be" It was easier than one day daughter in law! And she didn't become our daughter in law after all!

  5. Rina, these are such beautiful pictures at the beach. I can almost hear the seagulls call and feel the wind. Enjoy the happiest of New Years! ~Kari