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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Daisy and the chooks ...

This was yesterday's treat, a few corn chips from the packet, Harry and the Matildas thought they could join in too. And NO Daisy is not pregnant, why does everyone keep asking that question lol.

See George's fancy ski boot and the new jeans that had to be cut up the inside leg. I only cut 2 pairs of jeans, one his farm jeans and the new ones. That boot has little valves you blow up and release. So it protects the wound on the outside of his foot. It has been nearly 6 months worth of absese, just glad we finally getting there.

Yesterday we had our first snake we aware of for the season. It was a Red Belly Black and it was in amongst the pumpkins. Out came the weed eater real fast, I promise you. Jellybean was extremely jumpy last week, just a cable or cord and she jumped 6 foot high.

That's it for tonight
see ya


  1. Ah, goats, chooks and snakes....a post after my own heart!

  2. It looks like Daisy is enjoying her snack.

  3. As a Farmers Wifey! I love this post..thanks for sharing xx

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