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Friday, December 17, 2010

We got hail the size of golf balls ...

Somehow my veggie garden is in tact, only a little leaf damage from the golf sized balls of hail. I had visions of sweet corn pelted to the ground and the new beans which should start bearing soon in shreds but lucky non of that happened here. Could 't get home fast enough to see the damage.

I had only the day before picked the first corn off and steamed it ready with a knob of butter Oh so tasty.

We decided to stay at home, when we had taken the day off from work today and head up to the farm, with more supplies. Tomorrow (Friday)looks to be a lovely day, Saturday onwards rain is forecast again. We're not sure of our holiday plans yet. I would like to spend some time at the property.

My job today is to get those lovely dwarf bananas out of that big pot (infront of the climbing beans)and replant them into individual pots. There are two dwarf varieties in there Draka which has a red skinned and Cavendish. There's bond to be more work so I'd better get of


  1. Have a great time gardening...I am about to join you outside.

  2. Hazel, hope the weather is nice your way, have a great day. See ya

  3. Dwarf bananas. How neat! What type of climate do they require to prosper in? The corn really looks good. Mine was torn up this year by a nor'easter. That's a very windy rainstorm in Virginia, primarily coming from off the ocean so nothing can stop that wind. Usually destructive.