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Friday, December 3, 2010

Questions and answers ...

Cindy from AJ oaks asked when the chooks will be ready for slaughter?
They should weigh about 5 to 6 pounds dressed at 8 weeks, according to Annie Roosters will be a little bigger than the hens,Lots of information over at Annies blog. I helped dunk in boiling water and pluk one rooster and Des chopped the head off and cleaned the insides while I was looking how it's done. Nexttime George will have to chop the heads off a few at a time. If he's to chicken I go get Charlie to help me but then I got to give a few away.So far it's not to much work.

Chris To answer your question ... Meat chooks are for the pot, just like the chooks you get at the shop. You buy the chicks, feed them chick starter for 8 weeks, they grow so fast cause all they do is eat drink and sleep. don't move a lot either I am told and are not good egg layers. They grow so fast their bones are a little brittle and could break easy. (just been told all this and then he wished me good luck, that could mean a few things in my book lol)
Comparing my normal egg laying chooks, their chickens are also raised on the same chick starter but do not grow as rapidly as these chicks. I beleive the meat chooks have been modified to grow that much faster, they eat as much in 8 weeks as the normal chooks would in 6 months.Don't think the hormones are in the food I may be wrongabout all this.
If anyone knows please comment. This is an experiment to see if I can raise them successfully and then into the freezer with them.

Carina I am hoping I am going to be able to slaughter them chooks. Are you offering some help for the day Lol

WendyB it is you I need to send you a pressie still, are you settled yet? You must be exhausted from the trip and then the unpacking.


  1. :) Life on the farm. I hope you have some great meals from your meat chooks.

  2. Rina there was an abbatior where we took our chooks to be slaughtered and dressed in South Africa, I'm sure there are some here in Aus too. I'll google and let you know what I get. I don't think there's any hormones in the food. The breed just grows really fast.