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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meat Chooks are doing great ...

They getting big so fast, just look at them, can you see the difference. I sure did not beleive the man at the hatchery, that all they do is eat, drink and sleep. Oh add catch flies and run around flapping their little wings, trying to escape the crate. It's getting a little small for them so we're going to have to do something about that this weekend coming.

Wow thats a lot of little chookies.


  1. Yes, growing quite fast indeed. :)

  2. Q: why are they called Meat chooks?

  3. They are so cute.

  4. Raising your own meat is very smart with today's recalls on our food products. It has been discussed on raising our own chickens and a cow to put in the freezer, but honestly, I really don't think I can do it.
    When will the meat birds be ready to, you know? Is it eight weeks? They are sooo cute. :)