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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Garden Update ...

Any bees would love to pollinate these beautiful pumpkin flowers. These two golden nuggets hiding behind the flowers.

Stuffed zucinnis tomorrow and cherry tomatoes for our salad tonight. We having a ltlle trouble with a little fly szapping the roma tomatoes, so I did it "Tomatoe Dust" I don't like poisons and try not use any if possible. It's not that my garden is totally organic but I do try.

These are Lebanese Zucchinis, last year I grew a few monsters which we cut in half lenghwise and stuffed with mince and cheese and baked in the oven. It's just about a meal by itself. very yummy. I gave 3 to our landlord and I got 4 for tomorrow. And there's heaps more to pick.

another squash

Gem Squash Des you do have green fingers, this I took specially to show you, the seeds are still good. I going to save these seeds for next year. Hope there is going to be heaps of them, then I post you a gemmie too.

Cucumbers They doing great too, I will have to make some pickles with them.

And look at those heads of Sweet corn, Mate they just starting to fill out, soon we be eating fresh corn with butter. Nothing like fresh corn Mate.


  1. It is so nice to see your green things growing as I look out my window and see snow. Yesterday it was 5F (-15C) Keep showing pictures of green growing things.

    I'm on my last quart jar of homeade pickles.

  2. I just love seeing your garden grow! I agree about not using poisons. I have found hot sauce diluted with water and sprayed around veggies and flowers in the garden keeps away most pests.

  3. Everything looks so good! Our garden is asleep for the winter (under a foot of snow)...cant wait tell next year. Have you ever planted Lemon Zucchini's? The are so good and so is 8- Ball Squash! MMMMmmm.

  4. I love those zucchini, will have to look for some here.

  5. Things are looking so good in your garden. Enjoy!!

  6. Des say's the gems look great and the Zuccinis even better. He say's it's not the green fingers it's the good company and a good ground, and compost.

  7. Looks great, you're still ahead of us, but we did pick a couple of courgettes yesterday!