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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sheep news ...

The time has come for our suffolk ram Nelson to move on to greener pastures where there is some lovely ladies (ewes) waiting for his special attention hmm services. His very own harem, something men can only dream off, esp been feed one grape at a time. They waiting under the orange trees just for him. Their old man belly upped it a little while ago, leaving them without a man in charge. It's the Moorland Juice man Terry he'll have to answer to if those girls don't have nice fat babies next year. OK enough bad talk for one day Lol.

The big move is happening on saturday, Nelson 's been sheared and drenched, he's ready. Now we just have to get him into the trailer, all 120 kgs of him, (I haven't weighed him just guessing)thats going to be a mission! I only have two ewes for him and I will just have to take them there when it's needed.Our other ewes are all his daughters or the feral looking ram from nextdoor, so I might be on the look out for another nice ram for them. Rowan will still be too young, not that I want to use him, he will be swapped for another ram or some young ewes. Time will tell ...

Another little ewe was born on Saturday and guess who's the father ... not happy. The ewe with the prolasped uterus must have had a premature labour a few weeks ago, it happened again this weekend, it's weird like a small soccer ball coming out. This time I felt it, just like soft leather, and smeared olive oil all over it and pushed it back in again, as the vet advised. She had the biggest piddle after that. The opening needs to open up before she's ready to give birth. (Her udder is huge.)

Miss Lashes is still to give birth and like last year she is big, her udder is so big ... just maybe we could have twins. The above pic was taken 2 weeks ago just after the shearer was here. Not her best side sorry.

All news from the happy sheep farmer
Until I got more news and some pics it good night


  1. Interesting update. I actually enjoy learning more about this.

  2. Ooh mushie tushies! My fav! And them teats are almost pinging! lol :D

  3. It sounds like Nelson will have a wonderful new home! I love to hear about all of them!