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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A lots going on in the garden ...

Some purple Basil, it's so pretty
Baby chilli plants are coming up by the dozen from seed I scattered in a container, they need to be potted up into smaller containers. Clean forgot about the cucumbers,parsley, dill, mexican garlic, spinash, carrots, beetroot and strawberries just to mention a few. The climbing beans have just popped their heads out of the soil so nexttime I take a pic of them and the rasberry cane I planted last year.

Lots and lots of cherry tomatoes for our salad, and they so sweet yum.

These are Roma tomatoes, they the size of a large egg and great for making sauces.

A healthy crop of beafsteak tomatoes. I am sure chaffed about the tomatoes, never had a crop bear so well. It hailed the night before so I got belted and very wet covering the patch with shade cloth saving these babies.

Could have planted more sweet corn but it's not to late for another round I think.

White button squash

Queensland Blue?

Sure hope this is a gem squash!!!

Think this could be a golden nugget?

Des planted a varity of pumpkin/squash/gems seeds so it really a guessing game at this stage. I worked some extra mushroom compost and some spent hay, into which I sowed some sunflower seeds and Milo. Have you seen milo seeds before, yes you have it in your chook food little round orange seeds the size of a coloured pin head. Anyway it grows about 3 foot high, looks like a bunch of corn plants together but with skinny leaves. Dried out you only need to run your hands over the seeds to harvest them.


  1. I have never seen purple basil before. Those tomatoes look fantastic.

  2. Des says to tell you his is green of jelousy!! LOL! He is also very proud because he helped with the backhowing and the planting. I told you he's got green fingers! Your garden looks fantastic <3

  3. Rina, It's so nice to see your spring produce as we fall into winter! Your tomatoes will be fantastic! and I can't resist basil. They are the two things I'm missing most about my garden now.

  4. Your growing season is about a month ahead of us, looking good :D