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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekend ....

Saturday, we had lunch at the Salty Dog at Coolongolook, a small villiage on the Princess Highway, normally we just drive straight past eager to reach our destination. It does't look like much from the street front but go around the back and you would be pleasantly supprised. Do you do it too, check out what other people have ordered as the waiter walks past. Theirs looked better than what you ordered, we had fish and chip yummy.

Loved the way the sunlight came through the coloured glass.

Rusty tricycle againt the corrogated fence

Rusty corrogate ducks hang above the fire place.

View from the back garden. On the left is the wood recycle furniture shop. here's a quick peep ...

From there we travel down the highway to, here you can hire boat houses and cruise the river for the weekend. Would love to do just that and cast a line over the edge maybe caught some dinner...

I love this pic Don't you think it would make a great zigsaw puzzle. Did you spot the water dragon?

Well that's it for yesterday and now just a quick pic of our delicious Bunny Chows we had for lunch. Thanks Nick and Adele nice to catch up again.

Amy asked what's inside the hollowed out bread, it's a beef curry. Prefer a boneless indian curry with lots of gravy and a little sambals on the side. We had grated carrot,diced tomatoes,onion cut up red chillies with a little vinegar and oil as a dressing. It is just a little hard to buy unsliced bread here so you have to go to the bread shops for a whole loaf. or you could use hard crust rolls and hollow them out. But most of you bake your own bread so it not a problem for you.


  1. Rina, looks like a wonderful weekend. That restaurant looks yummy and I do always see what others have ordered before I order :) The house boat looks fun too. Is that roast beef and mashed potatoes in the bread?
    Amy :)

  2. Yes a houseboat would be fun and I will do it one day. I had a tricycle just like that one when I was little it was red and went real fast:0)

  3. Hi Rina, what a great trip, I love those flying ducks! I have to admit, Ive never seen a curry in a loaf of bread before though - it could be the new thing in biodegradeable takeaway packaging! Great post, thanks for sharing x

  4. What a wonderful time you must of had. I'm lured into the photo of the shop full of furniture wondering what lies just outsid the photograph. I love stores like that.

  5. Rina,
    Stop by Mel's Backyard and collect your "One Lovely Blog" award.