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Friday, November 19, 2010

Meat Chookies ...

I finally did it got myself 24 little yellow meat chooks, the man at the hatchery gave me an extra 4 for good luck. They are chirping happily inside a big wooden crate with saw dust on the floor, a water dispenser hanging just out of reach to stop them making to much of a mess with the saw dust. A flower pot saucer and a little clip on food holder full of chick starter. They having a great time doing what little chookies normally do.

This is my first time raising meat chooks, thats not counting my other chooks where mum chooks do all the work for me. But then I still think babies raised by their mums are way more social chooks. The hens are starting to lay eggs again and soon I can start selling eggs again, dropped the price to $3.50 and have one regular customer.

More later


  1. They are adorable.

  2. Oh Wow Rina will you be able to 'get rid of ' them later...??? They cuties, I so love chooks.