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Friday, November 5, 2010

We late as usual ...

Today is the day Tanya finally got her Girls Night Out ... so I thought as we get things ready I snap a few pics to share with you. Tanya is a fulltime Zumba instructor and runs 11 x 1hr classes a week (stand corrected on that one) what a work out! Even 2 classes for the little ones and 9/13 yr olds. Did you know there is a aqua zumba class ... now thats for the low impact ladies like me with bad knees and feet.
Anyway Here is the bunting I made, can't wait to hang it up.

Anyway we had less than an hr to set things up before the first girls arrived, so it had to be already to go straight on the tables.

It looks all right what ya think!

That stand was black this morning and a quick spray job added to some pink china plates see my little disco balls ... for some extra sparkle. Cup cakes needed just a little more decorating very yummy though.

Lights dimmed a little and the parties on the way. I love to show you more pics but don't want to infade the guest privacy ... sure they would not have minded but still. and yeah it rained so some girls did not show! Everybody had fun learning the art of strip tease, just bowers(no clothes were taken off) Money goes to Breast Cancer Research.

Until next time


  1. Looks Awesome! But I knew it would with your hard work and pre-planning. I think the bunting added huge impact.

  2. Everything looks wonderful. I LOVE that bunting you made, it's fabulous!