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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Todays harvest and update ...

Todays harvest ... not bad what ya think. The beetroot is cooked and bottled already, got 2 bottles full. Golden nuggest, gem squash, cucumbers and motr zucchinni.

Ginger looking after the chickens, she lost her Fred last year and had to make do with Clyde the silky. Yeah his's the daddy of this little one.


  1. Lovely harvest. :) And, Ginger is such a busy gal!

  2. Awww so sweet! What do you do with beetroot? It sounds interesting.

  3. That's great that you are still getting veggie in Dec...I thought everthing would have been froze by now...well at least it would have here. Merry Christmas Trish

  4. Hi Rina - its so cool to see your harvest. We are knee deep in snow and harvest seems like a life time away! Love the fluffed up chick - gorgeous!

  5. I have just planted my pumpkins...I will be able to crow about mine next Autumn. Cute chicky!

  6. Your garden harvest looks so fresh and delicious.

  7. Oh How I wish the garden was double this size!It's looking good atm, lots of cherry tomatoes too.
    Trish we're in our summer here in Australia. Oh what we woun't do for a white Christmas here.
    Donna I cook the beetroot with skins and short stalks on until nearly soft, cool a little so I can peel the skins off and slice it. Place in a clean bottle pscking it in tightly and fill up with white vinegar, Seal and refrigerate.

  8. Rinatjie I just love ginger's little chick, good mix between mom and dad.
    The veg looks great, Des surely has green vingers doesn't he?