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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tool sale and other news ...

Hey old George did surprise me today, can you believe he serviced the ride on, replaced the oil filter, fuel filter, changed the oil, just needs to replace the air filter he never noted which one he needed so did not buy one. He dropped the cutting deck, washed the whole thing, replaced the belt that jumped off and sharpened the blades. Bugger me dead, I haven't seen him do this much work for a long time, oh he even gave the mower a test run.

He was such a good boy that he had to be rewarded so we went down to the tool sale in Penrith and looked for a new battery for his 18v drilling machine. Lasttime we looked they cost $141-00 each and he just could not get it over his heart to pay that for a battery. Well they were marked down to $99-00 and he was so excited when I said he could have 2 batteries. There must be a motive from my side don't you think, could have something to do with building over the holidays. Tomorrow he plans on helping build a shed which will be turned into a stor room and maybe just tidy the carport up a little. I think it's going to rain tomorrow and he'll be sitting in his lazyboy watching cricket lol.

Once again I have a small list of stuff needed over the holidays, 3 tins of paint for the fence, screws for the building work (done I got 2000 for @220 bargain)20 bags of mushroom compost (done bought direct from the mushroom man) Pick up pink carpet from Mark's place for Rose Cottage, he just wants it gone asap, nothing wrong with it "just pink"
Fill up all the jerrycans and ride on before we leave for a week or two hoidays after Christmas.
I am sure to think of a few otherthings before then.

I have pickles to make tomorrow so I be back with a pic to wet your tastebuds
Have a great weekend


  1. Wow, what a busy place! Yes, a couple of batteries on sale are certainly a good deal for all the work he got accomplished. ;)

    Love your updates!


  2. Tee-hee, I do see a possible motive!

  3. You have been so busy!! I wonder what possible motive you could have. LOL!!