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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dehydrating and a bargain ...

So here is my lastest offerings ... dehydrated celery stalks and onions.
Pays to do more research before discarding the leaves and small stalks to the chooks for a snack, next time I will dehydrate them too. We aren't big celery lovers so it would be just for soups. I did blanc the celery after cutting them.
I like to cut my onion in wedges and large diced pieces, that turned out a huge success. Onion is like one of the main ingredients, just can't cook without it. So no little 1kg baggies of onion but big 10kg bags @ $7.00 from the veggie shop. Can see a lot more onions and tears.
Now for the bargain and it's got nothing to do with food. Here's the story ... I must first confess to being a curbaholic, my eye's wonder to the curb if there is a council cleanup, sometimes there's really good stuff. But never will I stop if hubby is with me except once I got him to stop for a huge cat scratching post, I had seen them at the petshop and nearly keeled over when I checked the price tag. One day I picked up a shower base, it was brand new still had the protective plastic on parts of it. The home was just newly renovated, actually the builders were still busy there, and someone had chipped a tiny bit off the side. So it came home with me, saving a whopping $200. I dug it out and gave it a good clean while we were build the bathroom the other weekend, expecting hubby might not want to install it but he could not even find the chip until I pointed it out to him. Well today we bought the shower screen that would fit the base, for way less than what we had bargained on. I decided to go with white floor and wall tiles, nothing fancy. But there is no rush to buy the tiles yet. Colour will come from the towels and bathmats to cheer it up a little.
Oh I just had to show you my tiny little egg I found in the nest the other day. Could it be from my of my new red pullets?


  1. I love white in the bathroom - what a lucky find! You are doing well with your dehydrator.

  2. Well done! Good find.
    Regards, Keith.

  3. Great job with all of your dehydrating! When winter rolls around again and you have been hard at work, you can come home and grab a handful of this and a handful of that, throw it into a boiling water pot and soon you have the freshest, tastiest soup for dinner!

    We had some tiny little eggs like that and I was surprised there were no yolks inside! Do yours have a yolk?