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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to dehydrate pumpkin ... first try failed

Inspired by yet another YouTube video from Patty Ann the lady that die the sweet potatoes, I bought 4 Jap pumpkins @69 cents from our local IGA the friendly grocer. Bargain time as pumpkin normally sell for much more. I half filled my biggest pot with water and heated up the water to boiling, added one whole pumpkin at a time cause they were really big, flipped it over after 15 mins and cooked it a little more. The skin went soft and I must say getting the pumpkin out of the pot was another story, did not want to throw out the water, but cook the next one in the same water. Let them cool on a double folded old towel under the wire rake, you could use a few layers of paper towel, the pumpkin leaks and makes a good mess. Cut the pumpkin in 1/4's and scooped out the seeds into a large container and then the flesh into another plastic container adding the skins into the seed container. While working the pumpkins I noticed a lot of moisture still coming out of the fleshy pumpkin, so transfered it to a colander to drain some more. It was real late so decided to just cover it and let it drain for the night. Morning came and I filled up the dehydrator's trays and it's looking good so far. The seed and skins I added to a pot, added left over bits of meals over the last few days from the fridge, stuff that looked a little limp from the veggie tray. pasta, a bag of chicken necks and boiled the lot. yummy meal for the doggies tonight. In the meantime the dehydrator had been going for hours. But some how the pumpkin turned to leather, you know the kind of fruit rollups kind of leather I could not get it to crack from dryness. Now I don't get defeated so easierly and have decided to try again, and purchased 3 butternuts. Maybe it is the variety of pumpkin that just does not work that well. Patty Ann got it to work so why can't I get it right.

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  1. I dry mine in the open oven of our wood burning stove. It dries crisp.
    Regards, Keith.