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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh to have a bathroom would be nice ...

Well what a weekend, we worked our little butts off!! And too my delight Hubby took off the Monday making it a really long weekend. Thursday evening Tanya flew in from Darwin just enough time to pop into our favorite curry joint "The Holy Cow" and have a really good meal. The trailer was packed up treated timber sleepers, steel farm gates and 5 rolls of chain wire, tools in the back of the ute and few supplies Ready to roll out at 3am friday morning. At Port Macquarie we stopped off at the Bunning Hardware store for Concrete flooring for the bathroom 4 pieces of 2700mm X 600mms. that went on top off the cage.
We were so pooped after the trip we had a catnap in the afternoon, then started the off loading process, pulled out all the building materials under the cottage while keeping an eye out for Mr and Mrs Snake, lucky there were non, could it have been the brush cutter I used to slash around the cottage could have scared them off. Saturday morning we started early, measured the bathroom out and dug holes for the treated posts, and started with the floor framework. We used the treated sleepers to build with for termites hopefully they woun't like that to much.
Sonday Morning we were ready to lay down the concrete flooring on top of the frame. Before we can start erecting the walls, the floor needs to be waterproofed and cured. Squared the frame up nicely and then decided to start building the wall panels got three done. By that time we were ready to call it a day. Packed the panels on the floor and covered it all up with a blue tarp till next time.
The bathroom is not huge 2700mm X 2400mm but with a little thoughtfull layout we can fit in the washing machine and above that the upside down tumble dryer. Which will be a white elephant in the future cause we don't have power to run it. They will live on the left behind the door, a small wall seperates them from the rest of the bathroom. then the toilet with a small invalid hand rail to hang on too. A corned hand wash basin cabinette, and in the righthand corner a shower, coming back on the right space for a chair and then the a double door laundry cupboard. A seperate laundry would have been lovely but I am just to thankfull to finally have a bathroom.


  1. It will be great when it is all finished and hey, with our summer coming you can stand under the hose out the back somewhere for the shower!!! lol. Can't wait to see the finished home, it will be great.
    Cheers, Anita.