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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chrissy Decorations

They slowly going up one scene at a time.This year I just can't seem to get going, but I am trying to put up a few. Tanya's pool party is this weekend coming and there is a heap of work to do before that.

A litle touch of Christmas.

I made this little quilt a few Christmasses ago.

The mirror started it's life off as weatherboarding for the St Vinnie's mens home, we save a heap of the Kauri pine when they pulled it down. George made it for me with a matching tray. I sanded just enough of the old paint off to expose the milky green paint underneath.

Can you spot the cat? I love collecting arnotts tins.

I spent the morning checking out blogs while enjoying a coffee break, some wonderful white Christmas pics, I wish I could experience a white christmas just once. All the lights and real cosy atmosphere.
But alas it's normally so hot around this time, we just hanging out for a dive into the pool, after eating a roast a leg of lamb with season's veggies and a trifle. At least this year I can have a lamb roast and not be stuck with a big ham or turkey again, and then have ham for the next week, just sitting in my fridge. As you might be able to tell we not fond of ham!!!!
I did this whip around at work, asking who would like ham/turkey or rather a Westfields shopping voucher form work. Only one wanted a ham, so brave me approched the Boss and he seems happy about that. Yes go Rina.
Well today has been about getting this house in order and clean. Boxes of ornaments put up and other put away. Still got the clean the kitchen and make dinner.
So I better be off, see ya

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  1. It's all looking very festive, I know what you mean about not being able to get started, I;m still thinking if I ignore it it all might just go away! lol :D Have a great Christmas.

  2. I think you've made a great start and you still have a few days to go. It is hard to get started though - I admit.