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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My path to retirement as debt free as possible

I mentioned before my job is just a tool to pay the morgage & bills, and purchase stuff like watertanks, building materials and stuff for the animals. Why am I working ... so I can retire sooner. It is purely a way to fund my path to Self Reliance and sufficiency without feeling quilty. There is a difference between the two and this is my take on it. But first the question asked by Rhonda that lead to this post

I'm quite confused by the term 'self sufficient' and I prefer to use the term self reliant when I refer to myself. To me the common understanding of self sufficiency is being able to supply your own needs, but with limits. Most people can't produce their own salt, tea, coffee, sugar, oil, flour etc, although it is possible to do these things, they're just too time consuming and labour intensive.

I suppose I think people are self sufficient if they're supplying about 80 percent of their own needs. What is your understanding of this term?

"Ok My 2 cents worth, Self sufficient being able to supply (with hardwork)your food/shelter and your animal's needs. Be it growing veggies, fruit and meat. Everyone forgets if you don't feed you animals, they not going to lay eggs for you, have chicks to raise for meat. Milk, cheese and butter from your cows/goats and roast beef for your sandwiches.It is important to grow food for them, cutting your feeding costs and making sure they eat healthy too, so you get the best quality food possible.

Provide your own water having tanks, something most people forget as soon as the water restrictions are lifted. Depending on where you live ... rural and off the grid or on the 1/4 acre block, and time we have to work on this self sufficiency thing. Our needs all differ and some will be more successful than others.

Self reliant would mean being able to do the jobs yourself, or if not know someone that can and is willing to swap skills/services or goods for their help. Back to the barter system. Does that make any sense?"

My aim is to grow as much food I can myself and freeze or bottle it for later use.
Having the right tools will make your job easier.

Our meat supply is the excess chooks and sheep. It has it's own problems that need addressing when there is not enough grazing for them, constant medical care, and husbandry.
Learn how to process your animal.

Growing as much fresh produce as possible as well as feed for the animals.

We are very handy DIY folk and prefer to help ourselves where possible. Most of our furniture DH made himself under my very sharp watchful eye. So any chook houses, fencing etc will be done by ourselves where possible. Recycle building materials ... we have been buying a lot of sandstone lately, mostly from old homes. These we plan to use to build our cottage for the bottom/foundation 3 rows and the fire place.

Stockpiling ah the secret stash ... something I been working on for a long time, mostly non-perables atm. I have replaced all my Manchester goods, new sheet/towels/donna covers and store them in big plastic tubes, for when we retire. A good medical kit/supply box for the farm. Having a good supply of basic food stuffs such as rice, pasta, flour, lentils, oats, sugar and coffee/tea. Bottling tomato sauces, jams & pickles ... a pantry stocked with rows of grandma's goodies. I remember going into my nan's pantry, where she had rows of yellow peaches in jars, smaller bottles of jams and big bins for sugar and flour. What a intriging place that was.

Books and craft stuff is my one weakness, I love my craft but don't find enough time to do any atm. There are a few tubs with craft stuff in them for later use. I love buying reading books from the Op shop where it costs a $2 a book compaired to $29.99 granted not always the lastest. These I store to resell at the market and get my monies back. I do like buying stuff for the Boy's when they visit, poster paints,canvasses, brushes, and story books from the opshop.

Is it hard work doing all this stuff, sometimes but it is rewarding to live a simple happy life with as little debt as possible.
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  1. I have never thought about retirement this way. Made me open my eyes a bit. Thanks.

  2. Begrijp ik nu dat je gestopt bent met werken en meer zelfvoorzienend bent gaan leven? Of ga je stoppen met werken.

  3. Nee Johanna, Ons gaan eers oor 5jaar op hou werk, maar ek sal sommer al more gaan aftree as ek kan.
    Lekker kervees hou.