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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Decoration Swap

Make something under $5 and send to a internet friend. ... I love taking part in swaps and recieving a present from someone your only "spoke" to on the internet. This happy seasons swap coordinator was Tammy from Down to Earth (sorry link won't work but click on D2E on the right under blogs I follow)and my swap partners was JakiF who sent me the above decorations and I posted Pixie her present. I made 3 little gingerbread men from felt and a red and white candy cane dishcloth. Bummer I should have taken a pic.

JakiF little button wreaths are so cute and very easy to make. A few buttons and wire from the bead shop, just thread button on the wire make a twisty thingy to close wreath, add a little gold thread for a handing loop and add a bow ... Done and to top it off I get spoilt with a little bag of choccies too. Thanks JakiF

Today I thought I might change my Background to a christmas themed one and even found a little snow, can you see it? Love this time of year when you can decorate to your heart content.

The graduation went off well, the girls looked lovely in their costumes and they had a ball. Here's a little view of their costumes from the back DD sewed them.

Love your new background Miss Chatty Crone, very pretty.

Seasons greetings to All

Until nexttime



  1. Hi Rina. Groete vanuit Port Elizabeth. I am always glad to see ex-Port Elizabethans pop into PE Daily Pic for their PE fix. Even better when I can show them something that reminds them of good times.

    I like the gift exchange idea. I actually told somebody yesterday that I want to get some addresses from fellow bloggers and send them little things next year.

  2. Welcome Firefly and Mrs Damselfly, Nice to meet you. We originally from Durds by the sea. You might enjoy my other blog Past and Present, esp you wife. Click on follower on either blog ... See ya