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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Look what is under Henny

Yep you guessed right ! 3 tiny little chicks and we got 3 more eggs to go, with a little bit of luck we might get some more chicks. Mum is an austrolope and chicks are orpingtons. Henny is doing a great job looking after the Matilda's eggs, they're orpingtons. One of the Matlidas decide she also wants to be broody and she is sitting on 2 eggs ... this huge bird on 2 eggs, I wish I had more eggs atm.

Check out the white stuff on the walls, that is lime that I sprinkle to get rid of lice and mite. Everybody has this problem sometime or the other, so prevention is better than cure. This treatment is done once a month.
Henny was not getting off those eggs and leaving chicks, so I took her off gently and had Dear Husband hold her while I climbed into the hutch to take photos of the little ones. He was already to take a pic of me inside the hutch, but I don't do pics.
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  1. How nice. you have the eggs are placed in another chicken?

  2. Very cute, Christmas chicks rather than an Easter chick! :D

  3. Hi Johanna, Yes I am trying to breed only orpingtons because they are on the rare poultry list. They are very big birds (like the cornish hens)so we eat the eggs of the other chooks and when they broody they get orpington eggs to sit on.

  4. Cute Chicks. Merry Christmas. Sandie