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Friday, December 4, 2009

Staff Christmas golfday and luncheon.

The Boys Teed off 7.30 ish this morning and had a great time by the sounds of it. It's good for them just to have a day where they could have a little bit of fun. Good to beat the Big Boss a little too. My mate Alby won the price for the worst player, more balls in the water than anything else. But give the man a rifle or pistols, then he's the Man. He's made of tough stuff our Alby cause he's a cowboy. Oneday I will introduce him officially.

We all meet up at the clubhouse for a nice 3 cource lunch and drinks. Nobody overdid the drinking and we all had a nice time. The comedian/magician hired did a great job Entertaning us with tricks. Craig gave the Boys some prizes and lucky persons got gift vouchers. Us girls got given vouchers to spend at Westfields.

Our CEO Mr Edd, who is 83, missed joining us for the luncheon. It is the first one he has missed out on. But Mother Betty was there making sure everyone was having a good time.

Well tomorrow is work and if I don't get going, I might not be bright eyed and bushytailed tomorrow and it promises to be a busy day collecting sand stone blocks DH bought on Ebay. And DD is having the last Graduation (for this year)for her Dancers , which promises to be a late night again. Sonday we have to move all her stuff out and clean the premises. Then the hunt starts for new premises again.

Have a great weekend
Until nexttime

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