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Monday, November 30, 2009

New arrival and update on weekend's to do list.

Little Ginger has hatched out 1 little orpington chick. She is a great mum but I wonder what she's going to do when in a few weeks it going to be twice as big as her.

Yep it the fence again, all 50 posts down this side, all except 4 concreted in, and now we heading across to Pumpkin Patch. thank goodness we just about done. Nexttime I going to do a post count. Bets are on we should be nearing 250 posts.

Daisy follows you around where ever you working. She even hitched a ride on the little trailer behind the rideon, did go extra slow so not to spook her.

The lambs travelled really well up to the farm and back, the lucerne helped get them loaded for the trip back. When one jumps in the trailer the rest just follow.

Miss Daisy throw a little hissy fit, cause she got demoted to livestock. If I had not been there , there was no way I would have believed it. She refused to look around or get up when she was called. Just faced the "naughty corner" not even moving a muscle or an ear ... had the sulks big time.


  1. Okay, dumb question - do you live on this farm or do you own it for someday?

  2. We own Lavender Hill at Bellbrook, which is 6hrs away from Sydney. But we work and live fulltime near Penrith, Sydney. We need to pay our morgage, rent and save enough money to build a home and all the other extras. All the animals are in Sydney with us for now. But due to drought and no feed for them we cart them with us. If I showed you pic of how dry it is atm you would not believe it.

  3. Well we have been in a drought her in GA too - say the last five years.
    This year it finally broke and we have had the wettest year in history!
    Had a lot of flooding around us and our entrance/exit to our subdivision washed totally away. We were stranded in there for three days. No way in or out.

    I hope you get some rain soon - within reason.

    So you have a piece of property you are building up, but right you live in Sydney.

    Thanks for the compliment about the tree and my grandson.

    Silly question - do you like Keith Urban - I'm an old coot who loves him. I think he's great on the guitar.