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Friday, November 6, 2009

Update on sheep, chooks and veggie patch ... oh and Daisy

Warning to prospective sheep owners .... if you don't have enough space don't keep to many sheep. And then we had 6 lambs ... We started off with 1 ram 6 ewes, thats how they came, a good deal too, we were even 3 city slicker owners at one stage, one caused an huge argument, dunno what happened to 2nd one?? and I am left holding the bill. They have exhausted the paddocks and the rain has not be that good, but I thought I was doing the right thing and supplementing their feed and then the green grass ran out too.

The *xxxx* hit the fan and but finally we got answers ... but we not out the woods yet. Having run out of grass for the sheep sometime ago, we have been supplimenting their feed with ponymix which has molasse in it, sheep pellets, fresh bails of lucerne +++ for the last 4/6 months while still herding them to fresh grass around the house and yard, all while ewes gave birth to 6 lambs. BTW they fat as pigs. Had all the tails & nuts done, vaccinated, wormed regularly. In other words done the right thing.

But mum's condition has not been that wonderful as lambs has sucked them dry,and they really need to put some wight on. Partly my fault as I should have weaned then earlier . They were shorn on Wensday and wormed. Today lambs are all getting weaned, so we better get the earplugs out for the next week or so. By doing that now the ewes should put on weight. Some of the sheep (one died, lucky one I was not going to keep)have picked up a tummy bug, confirmed by the vet, who gave them shots of antibiotics and meds for the next few days. Monday we get the bill when we pick up more meds.

The veggie patch at Mulgoa has been fenced and raised beds made, planted with corn, bean and squash in one larger bed. Tomato seedlings, parsley and mustard plant which is now going to seed in another. Spinach,chilies, capsicums, a few strawberry plants, more mustard seedlings and rocket in no 3. bed. Potatoe in tubes, Italian parsley and oregano in pots. Got another bed that needs building this weekend, where I would like to plant Leb zucc.

Well thats today's job. Monday/tuesday we are expecting orpington chicks to hatch, will update soon.


One week on, and the lambies are doing great, Miss Bella, Molly, Polly and the orphan Stella, and Boys have settled in the paddock next door to mums. Today I will need to move them to the shed area, where the grass could do with a little mowing for the next week. Mums can graze around the house for the weekend. They are looking a little better as well.

My latest project is making Daisy the feral goat a yard and house for herself. the posts have been cemented in, gate attached to the post. This weekend I plan on closing it in with 1200mm high wire and building a house for her. That might not keep her in but running some hot tape around the top might. Mainly a place for her to sleep and stay when we not home.

Daisy keeping an eye on the workers.

Another recycle and reuse idea. Had this crasy idea at work yesterday, asked one of the young blokes to cut me a 44 gallon drum down the middle. This is going to be the roof. The sides we going to be made from scrap wooden crates all stuck on a wooden pallet. The other half is going to be turned into a small chook house for the incubator chicks adding a little run of their own around it. If this works good I want to make a few more and move the broodys on their own. We're so running out of space for different aged chooks atm. Ginger and Henny have gone broody and are sitting on 3 eggs for Ginger (Frizzle)and 4 for Henny (Austrolope) Still waiting on PM from the lady whose incubating them orpington eggs. Have you see how big they get? nice big meat birds have to sell a few to get my investment back.

Lets hope for many little chookies ... got PMed but we only got 2 babies, one with a leg problem and it died this morning.
Harry whats going on my Boy?

Please come back later for pics but now I need to go shopping with Dear Daughter, we might even have lunch at the mall. We need to spend more quality time with her, me and my purse. Don't you love them kids!

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