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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Today's to do list

Here's enough work for a whole troop of strong workers, but no my DS moved to Brisbane to get away from his mother, can't say I blame him but more than 14 hrs drive? Did he have to go that far? and I thought giving him a good feed and letting him use my washing machine was good payment.

So back to that list: I know I said it before but this is tops on the list ... Daisy the goat's yard and house. She is in trouble with DD for jumping on her car, it's the first time she has done that. She perfers to lie in the boot, supervising all the workers. And to do her job properly she needed to have "the best seat in the house", just stay away from my Bud ... story for another day.

I am past feeling sorry for poor husband who is going to help me today with the above house. Treated posts have been concreted in, gate is hanging but no fencing yet. DD thinks Daisy is going to live there permanently, and is suggesting we give Norman a home. He has been castorated and is only a week older than Daisy. But Norman has a great time at University. That's the Livestock Department of cause where his is allowed to walk freely, all the medical care he needs. What feral goat could ask for a better life.

So please come back later today and I will post more pic of our progress.

And I am still looking for 2 readers wanting to take part in my Pay it Forward give away Will that be you ... I don't mind sending overseas.

Srr ya later Alligator... in awhile crocodile.

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