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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cruising around Bellbrook and our favorite spots

When we have heavy rain for a few days, this bridge could be easy 1mtr under water, leaving the poor folk on the otherside stranded.

Early morning pic of the Maclay River, just miss a fish jumping check out the water disturbance ... must have been a big one.

Picnic spot in the park,it was here we had a welcoming picnic for the new comers to our villiage.

Bellbrook Hotel and pub, every town needs one ...

Beautiful arts and craft products sold here.

Two of the lovely properties as your heading out of the Villiage.

World famous Freddo Pies definately the best pies we ever tasted.Their sausage rolls are to die for


Lunch at Smithtown's Riverside Hotel overlooking The Maclay River, it's the same river that menanders past Bellbrook. It flows towards South West Rocks, one of the prettiest sea side towns. Anyone joining us for lunch ... best ribs and just to top it off some sticky date pudding, Yummy.

I hope you enjoyed this day out with us
Until nexttime


  1. Sounds like a lovely day, but did ya mean 'cruising' I had visions of you driving around saying rude words to everyone! :D xx

  2. Thanks Sue ya thats what I meant! but it got your attention .......

  3. My question is what was that girl doing sitting up in the air? Eating pies?

  4. Ah That Marilyn Monroe, these's one with the famous white dress aswell, and heaps of stuff of her everywhere. There was an Elvis too but he's gone thank goodness.
    Also wondering what it about her? maybe they related.....