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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Melbourne Cup Day

The Melbourne Cup is held every year on the first Tuesday of November, A Race that stops a Nation. White Marquees, Rose Gardens, Lots of betting, Fashion and Horses. Never had the privilage of actually being there, maybe someday.

We normally have a sweep at work, $5 and $2 bets. Boss gets a few beers and cooldrinks, chips and dips and we all hang out in the lunchroom in front of the TV. I got the Luck of the draw this year with Shocking coming in first, won a whole $60 bucks. Riden by Corey Brown, his first Melbourne Cup win. The horse Roman Emporer and Alles Wonder were my favorites for this year. Oneday I would love to go to a big race just to experience the smells, noise and excitement of it all.

Have a wonderful day everyone,
off to go earn my living for the day

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  1. Beer in the lunch room at work? Amazing - how cool. You'd never find that here I don't think.

    Congrats on the $60.