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Monday, November 2, 2009

Especially for Ladies, Moms and Grandmas (personal hygiene)

Why does nobody want to talk about this problem!

Yeh I know what has taken me this long to wake up to Clothpads... to be truthfull I don't need them any anymore, so maybe that's why. Then I got thinking us older ladies have our own problem caused by childbirth ... the dreaded leaking bladder when you cough or sneeze ... god forbid picking up grandkids ... you know what I mean. So why are we paying dearly for Tena Ladies or Depend (or what ever other brand you use)? Can't we use the same ones as younger ladies do, maybe a bigger/thicker shaped one for night time use. Maybe save the Tena Ladies for when we go out!
We can make our own clothpads with a little waterproof lining and an extra layer as shown in this link for clothpads
The pattern given is so easy to make. I think I want to make a few to try and then if I like them, make more. for my secret stash box as well. Washing them does not seam to be a big deal either. a small bucket of water with nappysan or bleach in the laundry until you wash them, and they good as new. Maybe add a nice smelly softner with your rince water ....

Not sure why that link did not work ...

thought I just share
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  1. Please tell me you are doing your Kegel exercises regularly - over 100 per day at least for several weeks to strengthen your bladder muscle walls. No-one should have to suffer with stress incontinence, an awful lot can be achieved with the help of a nice physiotherapist and regular exercises. There should be a clinic your GP can refer you to for advice. If the incontinence is hormonal, then dried mullein leaf tincture is being used successfully by some herbalists.

  2. Thanks Sarah for the advice, lucky I don't have a huge problem (yet) sure as we all get older we will. I will check out Kegal exercises so no I haven't. Ooops.

  3. Your picture looks way too young to even have to worry about it yet. Glad you brought it up - it's great to learn new things and try new things. Thanks.