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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lucky Find at the Op shop ... One of Jackie French's books

It's amazing what you can find at Op shops especially coming across one of Jackie French's books an oldy Beyond Organic Gardening "The Wilderness Garden" for $4 cheap as. This Lady has wonderful gardening ideas and all do able. I love the wire mesh circle idea for beans to grow on. and the bicycle rim on a steel post anchered by string for peas. Growing cucumbers in a tin anchored to a post so the plant can trail downwards. Making compost a few different ways and dealing with weeds and bugs, and more interesting stuff ....

Aren't these so cute. The little set is from Pumpkin Patch , hardly worn. Check out the little jeans. The leather sandles are in such good nick. Their off to the secret stash box, until I find an owner for them.

I picked up a queen sizes bed spread in wonderful condition for $5 awhile ago, that has gone straight to the farm. and it's even the right colour I was looking for. And a large mohair blanket for $10. Since Donnas and Quilts have come along, blankets and bed spread have gone out the door.

No wonder their are called Oppertunity Shops.
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