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Friday, June 17, 2011

I am back ... sad news Mr Fox came visiting

Thank you ladies for the get well wishes, much appreciated. Got taken into theater at Wensday 8am and was done and dusted and sent on my way by 4pm. The nurse did an ECG just to set my mind at ease, and found it normal, so much for that medical I had to go for Eco cardiogram a few years ago where they found problems, go see your Dr, well I kept putting that off did I not, not wanting to know. So now I just waiting for the results on the 22nd when I need to see my Gynie again. Yep I trying to take it easy.


Well now the bad news, Mr Fox came visiting this morning, dug a hole under the chookhouse and killed 2 hens and a rooster. They were my first chooks I ever got, poor Ginger, (frizzle) Thelma (silky) and a X frizzle/silky young rooster. Old Clyde looks a little worse having lost a few feathers and the other 2 girls, escaped when the door bust open with all the commotion. Lock was playing up a bit just lucky for them it bust open. Heard the racket and shout out of bed at 4.30 ish with the touch, (forgetting I had just come out of hospital) It took a little to persuade them to go back into their house after removing the dead birds.
Little Ginger was the perfect little mum, here she's with the young rooster teaching him how to behave nicely.

Mr Fox will be back, this was his second killing spree, killed two of our landlords bird, more if I haden't heard the racket next door. Give me a gun!!!

Maybe not today


  1. Take care,RIna! Bloody foxes.

  2. Take care hon. Oh those darn foxes!!

  3. Oh my gosh...not pleasant. Make sure you don't hurt yourself by trying to rescue the chickens, but I know you kick into auto-motion. Sorry for this battle. Not good at all. :-(

  4. Oh, that is awful news. Getting a gun might not be a bad idea. Glad to hear that you are doing well.

  5. Rina,
    I hope you are healing well from your surgery. These things take time and then suddenly your energy will be better than ever. Try to listen to some good music inside.
    While you are resting how about electric fencing around the outside of the coop? We have solar boxes that charge the fencing here, I am not sure what you might have down there. Another trick my friend used was to pee outside at various places to "mark" your territory around the coop. Your grandkids might like that activity. Well hopefully it gives you a smile. Rest well.