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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So much for free time ...

Good Morning my Fellow Bloggers,

Well I need to apologize in advance, not much news is going to be coming from this side of the country for the next few weeks. Reason I off to hospital tomorrow, having all the girlie bits removed, they in bad shape and the Gynie wants them out. Now I am not sure if she only going to take the Ovaries and tubes, or we going the whole hog,that she will decide in theater. so it could be just day surgery or I be in there for 1 week. Who knows but i have full confidence in my Doctor to do the right thing.

Either way I have made a heap of meals inadvance, sauces and soups, just incase I am not up too doing much around the kitchen. Yeah I know take it easy, I'll try. Emotionally I have been a wreck for more than one reason, not sleeping that well for the last two months. Also there's this ... I am a Capricorn and find deligating very hard, well who can blame me, found the chook house twice wide open at 11pm with foxes in the neighbourhood, when I have asked for help. My main concern is the meat chooks, you know how hungry and thirsty they can get.

I know not to expect anyone to be doing a spring clean, but boy a clean cup would be nice (sorry I ranting again)
well that's what's going on here
see ya when I see ya


  1. Oh Rina! I've said a prayer for you. Being down and out is certainly not easy, especially when you know that doing everything yourself is usually the best way of getting it done. But, let others do what they can and don't push yourself too much or you might get setback. Thinking of you...


  2. Best wishes for a successful surgery and a quick recovery.
    Big hugs.

  3. Hope it all has gone well and you're on your recovery by now?

    Thanks for popping in my blog.

    Take care!

  4. You take care of your self hope you get well soon. Trish