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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A little spare time ....

Well so what do I do first, any ideas would be welcome. There's the snowmen stitchery blocks for a small wall hanging for Christmas, that's been hiding for 5 years or more. Or the hexi blocks thats been sitting in the plastic tube for a good 10 years. Gave up on it cause I was struggling to stitch them together neatly but now maybe with those new glasses I might be able to see what I doing again. So many projects await..........Watch this space

But there is one little project i am just dying to start and it's a bag from the Australian Homespun Bag Boutique magazine I bought last Friday at the opshop. It's a very simple strippy bag with a little cloth doll pinned to it. That would make a lovely present for a young woman finishing school this year.

This week I think it's going to be some sewing for sure .......
See ya soon


  1. Beautiful inspiration! Savor the magazine too. I can't wait to see what you create.

  2. OOOO that bag is so very pretty... I reckon you should make that first! But only cos it's so pretty.

  3. The bag is just darling! I look forward to seeing yours. :)

  4. Hi, Rina, Thanks for visiting my blog. Oh I know what you mean about the number of craft projects half-finished (or not even started yet) ... the bag is very pretty and you could make it in any style depending on the fabrics you use. Looking forward to seeing your scarf and beanie too. We are doing some building soon so I have extra incentive to finish off some projects and use the stash!

  5. How I miss my quilting now!! Enjoy the sewing!!

  6. That bag is so pretty! I hope you will put up pictures of yours, when you have it done. I wish I had time to do things like this....

    Would you mind to change the link you have listed in your Blogroll for me? I've pretty much made the move over to Wordpress. Here's the new link:

    I'm really enjoying the Wordpress blog!

    See you over on The Journey!

  7. Beautiful, I love sewing also! When my daughters were growing up, we always sewed a lot of clothes and fun things, such as their Halloween costumes. I love these bags, so much prettier than anything you could buy in a store.