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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A little update ...

Lifes getting back to normal around here again, dishes need doing and meals need to be seen to. I am on slow strike, just using the meals from the freezer and reheating where needed. I will be using them most of next week too. Need time to do some craft and sit infront of the TV, haven't had it that good for a while. The lounge room looks like a bombs hit it, stuff everywhere, more UFO'S coming out by the minute. My first project was a scarf for myself knitted with some soft feather thread together with a soft rose colour cotton. The cotton thread was a small summer top I knitted for the Blond one about 10yrs ago, one worn a few times, then disliked so i unravelled the top. Finally it been used. Now I am on the hunt for a size 8 knitting needles, for another scarf using the popcorn (black and whie shades) wool, then it on to that cute little bag, both for that young lady that's finishing school this year, opps I know 2 young ladies finishing this year, I mentioned this in another post.

Love your comment Kari, only the boys are in Brisbane some 1000klm away.
The cat family is expected to increase again, with another 10yr old burmese male cat arriving next Wensday.His mummy Rickie is most unhappy giving him up but they are trying to have a familie and the Boy has a very bad habit of cuddling up to and over faces, Mummy is also this year recovered form a very aggressive tumour, she is a surviver after some major surgery, only the Dr warned her not to go near litter trays, incase of infection. If it was anyone else's cat it would have been a no for sure. As soon as he's arrived I pop a pic up for you all to see.

But first I need to tell you all what a good job George did fox proofing the chook house with only some chain wire fencing, tent/camping pegs and a few screws. When we built the chook house we should really have made it more secure. Well we finally paid the price 2 years on losing the 3 chooks. digging a wide flat trench around the chookhouse. He cut the fencing in half lenghtwise, cut to size of the sides, lay it ontop of the trench, peg it down and screwed the side closest to walls down. Now Mr Fox should find that very unwelcoming. Sure the chooks can sleep with both eyes closed now.

Daisy thought her picture today may just brighten your day so she nagged until I took a picture of her early this morning before she finally decided to get off her panels. She had taken a dislike to her house, prefers the chookie barn but there really is not enough space in there for her too atm.

Daisy does apologize for the dirty chin, just can't stay out of the studmix with molasses feed bucket. It just such a smorgas board of animal feed to choose from it so hard finding just the right breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack around here. And because of all this choice she has a few extra kilos weight problem , just like her mother.
Just promise not to tell anyone

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  1. Hey Rina, hope you're on the mend. Sorry to hear about the fox, one pest we really don't see much of around here.
    And by the way, love the new look of your blog.