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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Meet Juliet and long weekend news ..

Long weekend again, Queen's Birthday, we had plans to head up to the farm for a few days, even the kids from Brisbane had plans to join us. But we cancelled due to bad weather, expecting heavy rain there for the next 2 weeks. It's very overcast and windy here in Sydney too, A real miserable day.

Harry and some of his ladies, hoping for a little snack.(took this pic a few days ago when the sun was out)

Just got a little updated pic of the babies, with a nice lot of feathers already. Their new digs are a god send in this cold weather, while there's a litlle sun shine they get to sunbake in front of the door. Just got to do a little more permanent fencing in, just low enough to hop over and to high for them to escape. Not really fancing chasing 40 chookies around the outside of their chook barn lol.

I have never introduced you to one of our older cats, Meet Juliet ... she just a tricoloured girl, getting on a little. But she's got big problem, her health has deteriated so much in the last few years, that is nearly time to relieve her of her pain. Juliet is the most skiddish cat we have ever owned, don't cuddle me, don't pick me up, I'll come to you if I want anything. So we just leave her be to come to you when she wants too. She sleeps all day curled up in her basket, only gets up for a little food and water but night time she sits up like an owl, her back legs have never functioned very well, vet called her a wobbly cat (birth defect) and while she was happy we just let her be, Now it has become clear she's not coping even grooming herself anymore or walking to far. It's nearly time ...

And on that sad note
I'll say bye for now
P.S. Have a great weekend


  1. Oh thats sad poor thing...she's pretty. Trish

  2. She is very pretty. It is so hard, our pets become just like one of the family :(

  3. Your calico cat has such very pretty markings.

  4. Oh I'm so sorry. Pets quickly become family members don't they?