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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just a little crafting ...

Not bad going here 2 scarves and a pretty headband embellished with flowers and leaves.

The first scarf is for me, just a plain feathers scarf, knitted on a size 5 needle, casting on 25 stitches, and my old trick knitting a matching 5ply with the feathers yard just to firm the scarf up a bit. Turns out lovely and warm every time. For this project I used 4 balls of feathers yarn and a cotton yarn from an top that I was recycling.

Bought this yarn at Lincraft, it's very similar to the popcorn yarn available atm, and using size 8 needle which I had to go buy especially to knitting this scarf. First I used smaller needles and got so frustrated with the stitches falling off, I was ready to throw the yarn out. So glad I got the right sized needles cause it has turned out to super soft. Great colour for a young lady.

And now I am just about ready to sew these flowers and leaves on to a crocheted headband in a charcoal, showing these easy flowers and leaves off beautifully.
I am think this should look very cute, well I am hoping she's going to love it.

There is one other project I have be working on a while now, and let me show you, it's a project to use up all unwanted leftover bits of yarn. Using 2 strands of yarn, in this case I used white as the main shade. Just by joining all the little bits together and rolling it into a big ball. Used a 4.5 Crochet needle, formed 8 chain circle, and started making a huge granny square. to end this square a strong dark colour set this off nicely. It's going over the backrest of the couch where the cats love lying.


  1. Such beautiful work. I've tried knitting and crocheting, but I am just not good at it. But, I LOVE it. However, I do like to sew and have done a ton of it over the years. Also, I took a fiber arts class at the unviversity a few years ago and learned to weave the old-fashioned way; it was incredible. I made myself a tartan. Anyway, love the items you've made, such talent and heirloom you've made!

  2. Woww .... absoluut beautiful!!!!!