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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Roses ... from a friend

What a nice surprise visit from my dear friend Pina yesterday and just look what she brought me. arent they just beautiful!!

Where else would I put them but in my entrance in front of the mirrow so the reflection could double the beauty of these lovely roses. Thank you Pina, they are just stunning.


  1. They are stunning...I would try and root me one of thoses.

  2. These roses are stunning, I love the pink.. like Love of Quilts, I would try to strike a cutting.. if you cut it on an angle near a nub where a bud would grow, scrape carefully away about a 3 or 4 cm.. then smear a little honey or vegemite on the graze.. it works a little like rooting hormone.

  3. How pretty. The shades of pink are wonderful!

  4. They are beautiful.