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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Daisy's story

For those that are new to my blog, Daisy is a feral goat that was picked up somewhere near Mudgee by a young couple that thought raising a goat in their backyard sounded like fun. They struggled to feed her and had to find a new home for her. When I got her,she could not have been older than4 or 5 days. I wonder how different Daisy's life would have been living free. I wrote this today for Daisy. Please read it to your little one's and if they like it I would love to know. Here goes ....

Where's my mummy?
What just happened to me ... why have those strange humans snatched me from my mummy? I tried to run away from them, but I could not cause they where so fast. I am frightened and hungry, my tummy is rumbling so loudly. Where are you mummy?

Mummy, I don't like the milk the humans want me to drink. It's not nice and warm like your milk and they so rough with me. I asked them to "Please take me back to my mummy. I miss you.
Where are we going now?

Why have we stopped and who is that new human person?
Hey where are you going without me? Oh no, they leaving me.
She picks me up and cuddles me softly. She warm up some milk for me to drink and talks to me softly. My eyes are so tired maybe I will close them a little.

Mummy, I not scared anymore cause she is kind to me ...
I like her. I going to drink my milk and grow big. Then I will go look for you.
I love you Mummy.


  1. How sweet! What a lucky kid! Hope it settles in with you soon!

  2. Daisy has been with us for the last 7 months. She is a real sweet heart,bringing heaps of smiles to everyone around us. She is free to roam around the yard the whole day and has started to take herself to her own house at night(kennel will have to do until DH builds her a litlle house oneday)Daisy will earn her keep as a milking goat someday.

  3. It's true for kids too - we make them grow up - but I guess it all works out too. sandie