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Monday, January 18, 2010

And so the new year begins ...

Well I am back in Sydney again. Could have stayed the extra week but DH reigned in his stray wife, I think it my cooking he missed Now I just reread my last post on Aussies Living Simply, and I already told you all about my new secondhand gas fridge, what a lovely fridge, so pleased with it. Remember We don't have power or townwater on our block

The sheep had a great feed ... only they wrecked all my corn and potatoes and munched all the sweet potatoe vines, but that ok it will all grow out again... in pumpkin patch veggie enclosure. Then finally we had their new "Crownland" area properly enclosed with strands of wire on new posts ... it poured on and off for days while DS and DH were doing all the work. But when they moved in we never hear any more Bahs from them again....The area has lasted well with 11 sheep eating. Only one more problem Dogs and Dingos, someone warned me about them just as DH was heading back to Sydney, so I bought a roll of dog wire and asked a local farmhand to put it up for me. I learnt more from him about fencing the correct way ... he had a good giggle anyway. Glen did some more work clearing around the containers mostly lantana with a tractor and bucket.

DH built the framework to my new bush kitchen with my old buttercup yellow cast iron zink, which (framework) I promptly painted white, now he just needs to enclose it, make some doors and add a extra shelf and connect the plumbing. I bought the zink at auction a few years back and being so heavy and awkward to move, George kept threating to bump it. 2 weatherboard walls went up and roof extended to enclose the kitchen. Now all I need is a little gas water heating system to run for the zink and shower ... that also waiting to be installed someday soon I hope ... then I could go feral no more washing in the round tub and boiling water on the gas.

Orpingtons have just increased by 2 chicks ... Tally now 7 chicks this summer ... first time mum will be looking after them. I am ok with this as they are strong little ones. Lets hope there a few pullets amongst them.Nelson the Ram got lucky and 3 ewes joined him in his paddock, he's very excited curling his top lip up sniffing the air and piddling everywhere .......... just wondering what they got to say about it all. (sorry got a headache)
That's it for now

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