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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year

Just popped in to say Hi to everyone and wish them a geat New Year.

I am still at Bellbrook for the next few weeks and only plan to go back to Sydney the Australia Day weekend 26th for you lovely folks in USA. George has go back to Sydney on the 3rd so atm it's Cobi and Myself here. We had heaps of rain only 3 days so far has the sun really come out. The sheep are having a ball with all the grass, our only worry is Dingos and dogs but I got a local farmhand to re enforce the fence with dog wire and now I can sleep a little easier. We had a midnight visitor through the only hole left (were the extractor fan used to be) a ringtail possum. I took a few photos but forgot the cord to download the photo's.

What I woun't do for a computer right now, withdrawls!!!!

Until nexttime


  1. A happy New year to you and your famely.
    Make it fun.

  2. How do you get so much time off? Glad you got your fence taken care of. Bet you have some nice times there. sandie

  3. I am a casual worker, get less money being permanent but then I would score on holiday's and sick leave. Still perfer casual and it help's sleeping with the boss (DH) Ha Ha ... We heading off to Taree to watch the monster truck show. Jenny & grandson is going with ... should be fun 150km to get there... Cobi goes home tomorrow ... not happy